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Report - - Day 3 - Bunker Hill, San Francisco, California - (5/1/08) | European and International Sites |

Report - Day 3 - Bunker Hill, San Francisco, California - (5/1/08)

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My final day looking at the bunkers on the San Francisco side. I got to the bunkers that were closest to the bridge to continue my trek north so to speak. The weather was still really sweet, though always a bit hazy.

There was alot of work being done at this site. I admit to still being chicken when it comes to having lots of people to dodge while on a sit. A ranger told me that they were cleaning up old military landfills that were in the area. I just hope they are not taking out an part of the bunkers. As usual though when they mess with stuff something goes wrong. As the bunkers are on the top of cliff I have heard since that where they cleaned up the ground has been less stable:eek:...great.

I did not really get in any of the buildings this time as there were workmen around but I did prowl about the place. Still really cool.:D


Only dangerous because they are making the place unstable.


Comeing down the path toward the batteries


Old mounts


Amo sheds?


Heading south




Hard to get through as it is all over grown and really deep. Other access is blocked by fences and workers.


Really close to the bridge.

Next one I head across the bridge to the big guns dug into the hills. But that will have to wait. ;)

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