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Report - - Day One - Bunker Hill, San Francisco, California - (1/1/08) | European and International Sites |

Report - Day One - Bunker Hill, San Francisco, California - (1/1/08)

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Hey all,

Been awhile since I put anything up so bare with me.

I spent a long holiday back in California and managed to go tramping around the old military bunkers that dot the coast around San Francisco. The places are fantastic. During World War II the US thought that the Japanese might try to invade so they fortified much of the west coast. They concentrated especially on the big ports where soldiers were departing from. San Francisco was at that time the biggest point of departure for US soldiers going to the Pacific.

There is good news and bad new about the sites that are left over from the military around the city. The good news is that since the areas are now part of national parks or recreation area they will mostly be kept intact and will be preserved as historic sites. The bad news is that because the park will monitor them they will probably make it harder to get to them than they already are because while there are fences now they will make sure there is security on site. The second part of the bad news is that they are being sneaky with what they consider historic and took somethings down which they said they would replace with 'natural' surrounds which is a load of rubbish.

Anyway, I spent the first day deciding were I would go and then went to one site which is set back from the water.

From the back

Close up

Heading in

Underground section

Gun post

Only visible section from the front

View from the front

I hope this wets your appitite as I will post my other visits soon.

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