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Report - DBM & Plastic Recycling - Smethwick - March 2014


This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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Found this on the way to the well-known GKN, it lurks about 5 minutes away along the Birmingham canal. I can find literally no information about these places online. It is 2 separate sites magically linked together, DBM Machinery Installation and Smethwick Plastic Recycling (NOT the one that a rogue crew of Chinese lanterns sent up in flames last summer).

The site is moderately large, no sign of secca anywhere. Pretty dilapidated, looks as though it's been closed for a good while. Bottle tops everywhere!

Not a fascinating explore but hadn't seen any Birmingham/West Midlands reports for a while, plus I've been a member for ages now and never posted a report so I figured it was cherry-popping time.

Be warned, pictures are taken on a fairly sub-par camera phone, as will all of my future reports as I'm not so into the fancy super-duper photographs myself (but I do love looking at them).

But you know the deal, if you want better pictures, better get out there yourself!




Bottle tops!








Apologies for the inevitable mistakes. Right well the first report is done! Have a backlog of pictures from various sites, a few that I haven't seen on here yet so will throw them up soon, maybe in a 'various' style post if anyone can tell me where to do that?

Thanks anyway!


This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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I honestly have no idea mate, but judging by the floor being paved with bottle caps its probably something to do with them I think


This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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Im absolutely clueless about such things. I usually refer to them as 'that thing' :thumb