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Report - Dera Center Of Aviation medicine CentrifugeFeb10


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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sorry this report is late but have been very busy and have a backlog to catch up on
went here with oxygen thief,urban junky and petzl this weekend could only be summed up with 2 words fucking awesome
Thanks to all involved could not have been with better people and ots knowledge is unbelievable i could have sat there all night listening to him and never got board was a pleasure really was.
was so good to see a place so unique with hot and cold chambers etc and they even left th heating on which was kind on a cold day,big thanks to nick g too.

sorry for so many pics but i love this place and cant make my mind up which one
really sorry about pic quality but a fail on my part ment no tripod.

sorry had to do it but it makes me look fat when really im small

uj praying it would move

thanks again for a really good weekend :thumb