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Report - Derelict Warehouse and Offices (Liverpool, Dec, 2018)


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A block of soon-to-be-demolished buildings, just down the road from the Cains brewery. I wasn’t expecting much from this and it duly lived down to expectations.
The only bit that might have been interesting is the central red brick portion (ca 1900) which is shown as a ‘bottling stores’ on early OS maps, presumably for the nearby brewery.
The last inhabitants were car repair people operating out of one of the smaller buildings.
There is another block of more recent industrial units behind - more car stuff - which is also due to be demolished.

Alley down the back (Mann street) where graffiti children used to practice their clichéd nonsense.

Inside it proved to be just empty warehouse-type spaces, with trashed offices above complete with soggy carpets, suspended ceilings and pigeons. Pictures go from the basement up.

Someone’s lockup with furniture, car parts and general junk.

Stolen treasure, with a pile of car radios nearby.

If you’re in the area the brewery is much better value - see it before it gets completely converted.


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