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Report - Dinorwic quarry August 2020

Down and beyond

From the land of the pillar and stall
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The explore this was one of the places we visited on are extremely long day trip spent a long time here walking up and down the levels set are selves a lot of goals and managed to achieve what we set out for I am happy to say I have manage to capture this from different angles than the previous reports I only covered around A 3rd of this site it’a absolute monster ! And takes much walking and hill climbing with lots of very dodgy stair cases you do not wish to slip of ! Many thanks monk !

the history I am going to insert a small chunk of its history as it has been coverd very well on other Previous reports

The first commercial attempts at slate mining took place in 1787, when a private partnership obtained a lease from the landowner, Assheton Smith. Although this met with moderate success, the outbreak of war with France taxes and transportation costs limited the development of the quarry A new business partnership led by Assheton Smith was formed on the expiry of the lease in 1809 and the business boomed after the construction of a horse-drawn tramway to port dinorwic in 1824. At its peak in the late 19th century, "when it was producing an annual outcome of 100,000 tonnes", Dinorwic employed more than 3,000 men and was the second largest opencast slate producer in the country. Although by 1930 its working employment had dropped to 2,000, it continued in production until 1969.

are immediate goal after the walk up from the car park a long way down was to reach this house I suspect is for local weather it’s extremely small of set to the right middle of the photo a long way up you can drive to the top but this is not are style “the easy way “

are view once entering a monster of a incline up not the route we walked as looked bit boring

Are aim for the end is a lot higher than this

So now we decided to start making are way up to see lots of levels full of very cool stuff !!

We found lots of these old tramways so threw we went to see what we can find

We was greeted by a monster of a quarry hole with a Jurassic park type feeling their is the start of the snakes and ladders route here which we choose not to take

A turn around view from the usual stair case pictures

Are first incline level I hope I have captured this different for you all to view

Monk & his son playing snakes and ladders

A incline pulley with a beautiful back drop


Two shots of the same monster winch pulling machine gives you a true feeling of the scale and height we reaching

Time for buildings and some internal shots of some hardcore machines

A monster of a pulley with a big boy boiler love the hand rivets

This is besides the boiler also in the next room

Manchester to think this giant machine was brought to this height is incredible what a life it’s had !

This boiler is a real cracker how it’s weatherd in I believe the building was built around this it’s size is unbelievable

Time to move higher up again I will add a part two in now because I believe might be reaching picture limit

Down and beyond

From the land of the pillar and stall
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Part two

If you zoom in middle left there is a sand footpath that is the start of the actual quarry so you can gauge what we have climbed so far for are goal the top

The cutting shed I ent going to bother adding
Lots of pictures on this as been heavily coverd I don’t want to try capture my reports the same as others

The individual pulleys for each cutting machine

The slate wall the right houses a incline drum how it’s been stacked by hand gives a medieval castle appeal to its structure of dry stone walling these loose slate piles are very loose and slip as you run up them

The winch from previous pho

On the winch base well spotted lee

Climbing time still along way to go !

Back look note the cart guide rails

a ride to death

The track lead along this cliff face to my right has all fell down

Are next incline this would have been out the ground to act as a counter balance for a cart to go up and down by gravity . It still turns truly amazing

The buildings at this stage have been that batterd by Mother Nature I have not captured the next 3 levels as pointless in my view

Reached my goal the home of the highest incline


The last two photos from the house are goal we set out for in picture one I hope you have enjoyed many thanks for viewing one last treat on the way down wild mountain goats

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