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Early cold War films


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I have put four films on DVD that I have from the cold war era. One I think is from the early 60's in black and white. The other three are early 80's. All are about the bomb being dropped. I will burn 10 copies and post them to who ever wants one. The only prob I have is getting your address as I dont have pm rights as yet, and I don't want to publicise my email on the Forum. Any idea's on that would help. Well worth a watch.

Title Project X, The war game,50’s or 60’s
The day after , Early 80,s
When the wind blows, Early 80’s
Threads, Early 80’s
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Set up a temporary Paypal account using a hotmail address, then gift the money to your regular account when everyone has paid?



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yes please thanks dave,
can you email me at the address at the bottom of my replies thanks as ben said just let me know what i owe you thanks,


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I don't want any payment for these disks. I found a couple of old disks at a boot sale and it contained these films. So I ripped them and put them on disk. The quality is very good, although two of them the speech is slightly out. The one that I find amazing is project x, it was old cine film and for the era it's quite good. The weird thing is it states that by the year 2008 the world would have had a nuclear war. Spooky as it may seem it all starts due to Korea. The film itself is done in the way of a documentory.


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I'd love a copy of these! You can contact me at -email deleted after southender got it-
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