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Report - Eastmoor Borstal School, Adel, Leeds, May 2013.

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Eastmoor School - May 2013

Evening folks, not done a report for a few months, so I thought I'd pop this one up of our recent explore of Eastmoor Secure Unit, Leeds. Quite a nice, chilled out explore this one, and a bit to see even though the place is pretty trashed! As this is quite a well known site, I've quoted the history from a previous report.

Eastmoor school in Adel, Leeds, which first opened in 1857 as the Leeds Reformatory for Boys, later becoming Eastmoor Approved School.

In the 19th century, a child under 14 could be sent to a place like Eastmoor for begging, wandering, consorting with thieves and prostitution.

"In more modern times it became the Eastmoor approved school and housed more dangerous criminals.

"One of Jamie Bulger's killers, Jon Venables, apparently spent time there in the 1990s.

"As time went on, the site grew, and became a self-contained village. Some of the buildings are still littered with clothes and toys, which gives the whole place a really eerie feel.
So on with my favourite bit, the piccys!


I've got the Power?!


Just Chillin' by the Pool...





The Workshop, note the Vices on the Bench from Record Ridgeways in Sheffield!


Eastmoor Arms...


Looking a wee bit worse for wear!


And well... It wouldn't be me without my trusty S10 would it! :crazy


Cheers for reading Ladies and Gents, hope you enjoyed it!



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28DL Full Member
I was in there for a year... The people there worked very hard for the kids to have something to go out to. I had a job and a flat.
A couple of the 'bosses' even came to my works party 6mths after I left. I gained a qualification you should be 18 normally.. I was 16.
Lancashire & Cheshire Institute. Competent mechanic to work without supervision it meant. I wasn't even old enough to drive. Though I
was taught by The TA on private ground. Don't believe in the 'folklore' attached to the place. I had a really rough and abusive Father & I
had been taken in for 'car and protection'. They wouldn't even consider my going home to my Dad hence the work they put in in Leeds,
I had an apprenticeship which would have been impossible before that place gave me a chance and a goal to aim for.


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28DL Full Member
Great report mate, can't beat a swimming pool. :thumb
LOL. I was in that pool as often as I could. Always quite warm though can't remember if it was heated.. There was a
small busload of disabled kids used to come one evening each week and I was elected on of the carers... I enjoyed it
so much and so did the kids on our last night before I left... There were tears on both sides..
Dirty word then was 'Approved School'.. but it did for me... because they listened.


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28DL Full Member
Nice ones mate. Funny I was there the other week dodging the angry neighbours; ) Demo work going on at the side of the new unit & was in full swing so didn't bother getting in.

I was talking to an ex employee the other week also had found dead memories of the place but the locals & the Metal Fairies hammered it big time. Another local place I'd never bothered with ?

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