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Report - Elton Mill - Huntingdonshire - 2015-20

Bikin Glynn

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Talking to @downandbeyond the other day about this the other day so thought I would do a repost as its one of my favorite local explores & my first pics were quite frankly crap!

The original mill dates to 1700, with a later extension added on in 1840.

The mill is 3 storey + attic. The wheel is iron and wooden waterwheel aprox 14 feet diam and 12 feet wide & is still in place with water still flowing beneath,
The miller's house attached to the north-west was demolished in 1881.

Iv visited here countless times but a lot of these are from late last year when I had some particularly excellent light pouring in through the attic

Strangely in the rear lays a Bamford pump engine, which would be an easily restored enthusiasts piece

There is a lot of farm machinery laying in the end rooms, I heard from a local that there was originally plans to turn this into a museum which came to nothing.

Thanks For Looking

Carl Hargreaves

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The Bamford pump engine you refer to is a 6 hp petrol Stationary engine. (Not a pump, it just provided rotary motion, Electric motors replaced these things)
I have one of these in our collection.
I can just make out it still has it's magneto (Wico EK type) on to make the spark to ignite the fuel. (it is the square thing you can just see through the spokes of the flywheels) mine is exactly the same, making it around 1928 era. Going from my engines details.

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