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Report - Flaxby Golf & Country Club Flaxby Harrogate June 2020


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Quite an interesting explore if not for the really angry secca on duty and a guy claiming to be an undercover cop....
Quite a short explore as the club itself was tiny but still had a few things inside that made up for the explore, surprised to find bottles of alcohol intact and wondered why the local youths haven't found them yet.

History on the place.

The course opened in 2004 with the ambition of becoming one of the leading golf clubs and leisure venues in the north of England. It was even suggested that it may become a future Ryder Cup venue. The membership of the club flourished and it also became a popular course for visitors. It was also planned to build a four/five star hotel and spa on site.
The 27-hole golf complex was designed by David Hemstock and was situated in an ideal location between Harrogate and York and close to the A1. The 18-hole par 72 “Park Course” measured nearly 7,000 yards from the championship tees. More than 18,000 new trees were planted and several lakes were added. There was also a nine-hole academy course and driving range.
Thanks to Colin Barker for the following information and for the scorecards below – “The Course was originally opened as an eighteen hole course and when I played in 2006 it hadn't been named the Park Course - an additional 9 holes were added in 2008 and that was named the Temple Course with the original 18 then being named as the Park Course - the scorecard from 2010 shows the front 9 of the Park with the back 9 being the Temple - in your aerial photo of the course the Temple is the 9 holes in the foreground with the back 9 of the Park Course being featured in the background - the front 9 of the Park Course is largely out of shot with the 1st starting left of the clubhouse in the photo and the first green was not in view from the tee as it was tucked back into the treeline over a small stream to the left of the end of the fairway.”
The Course closed in 2015 and land is to be redeveloped.

















Thanks for looking.

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