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Report - Flo Selecta Derby May 2015


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History blatantly robbed from a quote form Paul powers post on this from a few years back !

The Markeaton Interceptor Storm Relief Culvert also known as "The Flow Selecta" and "The Markeaton Interceptor" is a storm relief culvert running under Markeaton park taking water from the Markeaton basin across through Derby city center, and out into the River Derwent. The culvert was constructed in 1938 in response to the 1932 flooding of the area; with various improvements made in 2006. For the most part the culvert is of concrete and brick construction and approximately 12ft high. Access points can be found at regular intervals, the largest of which rises up by 8 floors. The culvert is almost one and a half miles in length and takes water from the Markeaton basin across Derby and out into the River Derwent.
Last explore of Full day 1 this was i think and we met up with a couple of Friends from forum and facebook alike to say hi..then off we squeezed and climbed into the In-fall which apart from the nice junction really is all to be seen,didnt fancy the 2km walk to the outfall so was just a flying visit,and you will be glad to hear my last report from this trip :thumb

A few Pictors

This is a pretty impressive in-fall as it goes well worth changing to the fisheye for this!


Looking back towards it


Couple of standard shots of just how long the fucker is




And of course the money shot.


And that's all there is..Thanks for putting up with the sudden influx of reports everyone's seen time and time again but it was some places i've wanted to see for a long time so im happy with my lot :thumb


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Well if the motorcyle test goes to plan i will be mobile..it may take a week to navigate on my bike with no satnav but im willing to give it a go :)

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the money shot is my favourite
Hoping to see this myself soon
cracking photos :thumb

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