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Report - Former Unisys Towers, Stonebridge Park, London. May 2009


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There doesn't seem to be much information online about these two towers. Sited right next to the North Circular road (A406), they occupy prime land and it is surprising that they have not been demolished or converted considering the long amount of time they have been empty - at least ten years. The buildings are almost entirely stripped out on the inside, with very little of interest remaining, but curiously there is a very large amount of paperwork stored in the foyer of the North Tower, including a planning application for conversion into a hotel that dates back to 1998.

The north tower is seven storeys high and the south tower has only six.

Curiously, it seems that the security guard has decided it fair to charge around ten pounds a car for use of the car park, when a football match is on at Wembley Stadium, just two miles up the road. Cheeky bastard. Nevertheless, should you visit on a match day, expect the car park to be full.

Anyway, on with the pictures. I know it's nothing special inside, but it has pretty good views from the roof. I really must return here at night...


The paperwork filled foyer of the north tower:

One of the floors, stripped bare. They're all like this, except for the seventh story of the north tower which still retains the foul remains of a kitchen.

Old posters. Very 1990's.



Old air conditioning fans, still spinning in the breeze.

An absolutely horrific room on the roof of the south tower:


Looking towards Wembley Stadium:

An old CCTV gantry.

These rails carried the window cleaners' platform around the building.


And finally, the remains of a pigeon.

Not really the most interesting of places, but it's worth it from the view from the roof. I might have to arrange a camping trip up here some time...