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Report - Fulham Wharf, London, July 2011


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Had a great time exploring around. We managed to get to the roof but decided not to actually go on as it was in full view of the road. A lot of graffiti artists have decorated the place, there was also a lot of creepy items lying around like dolls and items of clothing. My good tripod was being fixed by hama so i only had a cheap konig one which was next to useless but ah well.

Some History (Not mine)
This site was originally built in 1890 as Kops Brewery, a highly successful company at the time that brewed non-alcoholic beverages. However, the decline of the temperance movement lead to non-alcoholic drinks falling from popularity, and resulted in Convoys, who packed fruit and other food and goods taking over the brewery sometime after the second world war.

Sainsbury’s has submitted plans for its Fulham Wharf project. The 7.8 acre site currently houses a Sainsbury’s store and car park, and a large derelict wharf building. Sainsbury’s bought the wharf building in April 2009 from Ballymore for around £30m.
Ballymore, which bought the building for £30m from Tesco in autumn 2007, had planned a similar scheme but chose to sell the site when it began reducing its development exposure.
The Sainsbury’s store next to the site will remain open while a 100,000 sq ft supermarket and the first residential phase are built at Fulham Wharf. The original store will then be demolished and the second residential phase developed.

Please Note: I am in no way a pro photography i only have a cheap compact camera.








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