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Report - Gleniffer Braes decoy bunker 5/2012

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Another of the decoy bunkers from the clyde AA defences from second world war.
This one is in the hills above Paisley.
Decoy bunkers were designed to set of lights or fake fires to make enemy bombers drop their bombs in the wrong place.

heres a 1940 aerial photo showing control bunker next to wall in field and across the road the decoy fire pans and an aa battery gun emplacement.

was up near here so strolled across to the bunker
at first sight it looks a standard entrance and 2 room setup. with a big hole knocked in one side

so I was more than a little surprised when I got closer to see it appeared to be missing a room. they are usually symetrical from the entrance

looking in through entrance

in entrance then you enter this room

note big hole in wall beside escape hatch ladder

this pipe continued through the wall

and out to a distance of about 2 metres

and there were a couple of holes like this

no machine/engine room and no signs of wiring.
rather strange. all the other clyde aa decoy bunkers I know of are 2 rooms.

and thats about it. not much to see at all. the gun emplacement area is apparently covered by a huge electric station now.
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