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Report - Hillhead Tunnel Exploration- May/June 2018

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Hillhead Tunnel is located in Northern Northumberland; near the rural village of Edlingham. Built in the 1880s, It was once used to bypass a steep gradient in the landscape to ensure trains could continue travelling safely on the now disused, abandoned and overgrown Alnwick to Cornhill line. This line spanned 36 miles in total across Northumberland.

Built mainly from bricks, the tunnel is 352 yards in total and contains 2 ventilation shafts partly constructed from concrete.

However due to the lack of usage and interest of the route, public transportation train operations were discontinued in 1930. However trains used for construction and other businesses apart from passenger-carrying still operated on the line until it closed completely in 1953.

The tunnel has not been used since 1953 and has been left abandoned since and still stands today. Although this is the case, water damage and weathering has taken a toll on the inner structure as the brickwork has badly eroded in many parts of it. Furthermore, the water ingress has caused mould and mineral deposits to form all over the inner structure.


Overall it was a great explore, both times I visited. It is well hidden amongst beautiful scenery and Northumbrian moorland and farmland; well worth the long trek through boggy land and the masses of nettles.


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the stations at Edlingham, 100yds across the viaduct east
Whittingham stations 1 mile west off the Longframlington road.

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