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Report - Hobbits House - Wiltshire Apr 19

Bikin Glynn

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28DL Full Member
Been done to death I know but ever since I saw this pop up Iv wanted to see it for myself & it didn't disappoint.
If you dont know the story its believed the farmer built this for his sheep & famously said "I got a bit carried away" while building it. I have to say its quite well built, the attention to detail in places is extraordinary.
I really didnt expect the intricate mouldings & quite so many stained glass panels!

Iv heard rumours the landowner here is not the most agreeable type so this called for a 4am start so I was in by half 6, this did give me some excellent light to work with :tennis:
Anyway on with the pics



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I find it weird it's not being rented as an Air BB or something. It seems a waste just sitting there, even if it was just built as a sheep hut!

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