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Report - Kenmore Asylum - Australia - September 2020

Katie Jaydee

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28DL Full Member
Kenmore Asylum in Goulburn, Australia

Kenmore Asylum is a heritage-listed decommissioned psychiatric hospital located in Goulburn, a town in NSW Australia. It opened in 1895 and didn't shut down until the early 2000s. The asylum began with a small intake of only a few dozens patients. That quickly expanded, with people being committed for anything ranging from promiscuity to postnatal depression. The asylum has many articles written about it for its inhumane treatments of patients. Shock therapy was a common tool used to treat homosexuality at the facility, along with other offences such as frequent masturbation. There were eight separate rooms used for ‘noisy and violent patients’, which soon became nicknamed 'the wet rooms' because the rooms and their occupants were hosed down daily. Many people died here, with some due to illness, some due to suicide and some due to murder. It is described as one of Australia's "most haunted locations" (Wikipedia). Further info at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenmore_Asylum and https://www.9news.com.au/9stories/abandoned-kenmore-insane-asylum-undoubtedly-haunted/cffa22b9-5389-4c52-863d-579f87c2ae8a (recommend this one - good read).

The Explore
Chris and I have been here on a number of occasions, sometimes just us, sometimes with friends, sometimes during the day, sometimes at night. This place is well worth the trip. It is MASSIVE, with multiple buildings scattered across a 75-hectare block of land (including a small morgue and creepy dentist clinic). It is very easy to get in. It's located on a residential street, so we just parked there and literally walked through a knee high fence. There is a care taker on the grounds - you just got to avoid him. We've been at least 5 times and haven't come across him yet - as the property is so big and if you're an experienced urbexer, you know how to act not to attract attention. Kenmore Asylum is one of my favourite places to explore. Its so big that you find something new every time you go. And it's super creepy. A few of us have had some strange experiences, but I won't go into it as the forum said not to discuss paranormal.

If you're planning on a trip to Australia, and will be in the Sydney/Canberra area - this place is definitely worth the drive! It's still there as at June 2021 and fully explorable :)

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grumpy sod
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Lovely stuff, it sort of feels similar to ones here with the great old sash windows everywhere. Any recreation/dance hall anywhere?

Katie Jaydee

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28DL Full Member
Lovely stuff, it sort of feels similar to ones here with the great old sash windows everywhere. Any recreation/dance hall anywhere?
I'd love to find some. Any recommendations? Being brand new to the country means I'm not even familiar with the geography yet, let alone urbex locations ^_^;;
And yeah, there were a few recreation halls. Not sure about dance halls though (I'm not sure they let patients have that much fun). There was a piano in one of the areas. I would have uploaded more photos, but I was worried I was pushing it already :)


Flaxenation of the G!!!
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What an amazing looking place. Great well written report too. More please :thumb :thumb :)

Calamity Jane

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Cracking report. Lovely photos. Love the decay here. Seeing as you only joined Friday, youve nailed this. Big well done & welcome :thumb

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