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  1. Wastelandr

    Report - Severalls Mental Hospital, Colchester - 2015-2023

    This place needs no introduction. It was perhaps the quintessential asylum. Not only was it of mammoth scale, but its architecture seemed perfectly aligned with what stereotypically springs to mind. It was one of many across the country of what I loosely dub the ‘second wave’ of county asylums -...
  2. dansgas1000

    Report - St Martin's Hospital, Canterbury - November 2022

    Introduction One from the backlog. St Martin’s has been posted a number of times but thought I would share my take on the place considering I haven’t done many asylums and this explore was a highlight of 2022 for me. Visited with @JakeV50. Information & History It has been covered numerous...
  3. AzzaB

    Report - North Wales Hosptial, Denbigh - November 2023

    I know this has been done to death but I thought I would post a recent report on this amazing property so people can see the current state of the property and also our experience getting into the property as a few people have had varied experiences based on past reports. I and a mate visited...
  4. Wastelandr

    The Welsh Asylum Gauntlet - April / Oct 2023

    Recently you might have seen my Whitchurch report. Well as promised, here's a roundup of all the Welsh asylums I did on these two trips with @KismetJ plus one in Bristol on the way back along the M4. They weren't all successes, others were the result of multiple visits and planning. This report...

    Report - Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff - Aug 2023

  6. merryprankster

    Report - Surrey County Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Tooting - November 2019

    Had slayaa round for pizza last night and we were chatting about how long it had been since id done a report., then tonight was having a hard drive/sd card sort and found some pics from an explore me and the mrs went on with @The_Raw so thought fook it might aswell throw them up. I know its...
  7. fastchrisuk

    Report - Rauceby Hospital, Quarrington - June 2023

    Yesterday we visited Rauceby Asylum in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. I'd never been before and on our tour of urbex sites around Lincolnshire, this place was at the top of the "to do" list. Rauceby Hospital, also known as Kesteven County Asylum, is a long since closed mental institution in Sleaford...
  8. Wastelandr

    Report - High Royds Hospital Mortuary, Menston - May 2023

    The History High Royds Hospital in Menston, West Yorkshire, opened as the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum in 1888. It was constructed in a Gothic style following the broad arrow asylum plan which predated the compact arrow plan commonly seen at later asylums. High Royds was a typical...
  9. Wastelandr

    Report - St. John's Hospital, Lincolnshire - March & April 2023

    The History St. John's Hospital began life in August 1852 when it opened as Lincolnshire County Asylum as one of the first-wave Victorian county asylums built in response to the 1845 Lunacy Act. It is constructed from pale local stone in an Italianate renaissance-inspired style, and is quite...
  10. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Rauceby Hospital, Lincolnshire - Nov 2020

    The History: The hospital was designed by George Thomas Hine and construction started in 1897 and was concluded five years later when the institution opened in 1902. Kesteven County Council oversaw the hospital and it was renamed the Kesteven Mental Hospital in 1924 and then again in 1933 as...
  11. iiellsush

    General - Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth

    At this point I’m sure you’ve all read about Talgarth hospital / asylum so I won’t ramble on about it’s history I just wanted to tell my story and experience visiting. opening in 1903 and closing in 1999 the building has since stood dormant with empty walls and falls slowing crumbling over time...
  12. ALW Research Team

    Report - Ridge Lea Hospital, Lancashire - August 2021

    This annex of the nearby Lancaster Moor Hospital was opened in 1916 as a Ladies Villa, intended for lucrative private lady patients who required superior accommodation compared with that available in the main Lancaster Moor Hospital. Lancaster Moor hospital opened in 1816 and closed for mental...
  13. K

    Report - Murray Royal Hospital, Perth - June 2021

    First opening its doors in 1828, the James Murray Lunatic Asylum is an astounding building. Over the decades, the asylum was expanded as it succeeded as an establishment. In 1948 it became part of the NHS, however by the 80s, such a large building was no longer needed and it slowly went into...
  14. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Manicomio Di R - May. 2019

    History: Located somewhere in a small town on the Italian countryside lays this former mental institution. Containing over 8 buildings in total this institute was a complete complex on itself. It even contained a power station generating electricity and heat for the facility. One building in...
  15. A

    Report - Thorpe St. Andrew's Hospital, Norwich - June 2021

    Aaaaaagh! First Report Time! - Please leave some constructive criticism for me! - Also, please correct me if I have any information incorrect! History The original hospital building, opened in 1814, was designed by Francis Stone. In 1849, John Brown designed and built the wings to the ward...
  16. Katie Jaydee

    Report - Kenmore Asylum - Australia - September 2020

    Kenmore Asylum in Goulburn, Australia History Kenmore Asylum is a heritage-listed decommissioned psychiatric hospital located in Goulburn, a town in NSW Australia. It opened in 1895 and didn't shut down until the early 2000s. The asylum began with a small intake of only a few dozens patients...
  17. Itsmacorlee

    Report - St Andrew’s Asylum, Norfolk - April 2021

    Hello everyone!! Firstly let me introduce myself! I’m Macorlee and I’m from Suffolk! I moved here in September 2020 from the Lake District and I’m overwhelmed by all the beauty in the abandoned buildings here! I’d also like to add how much I like and respect this website for the protection of...
  18. warpaint

    Report - West Park Hospital, Epsom - November 2011

    So a decade later, I've finally decided to post some of my splores from years gone by! This was my first ever explore back in 2011... An oldie, but goldie - Once a well visited gem... West Park Hospital was based in Epsom, Surrey. Construction started in 1913, and officially opened on 20 June...
  19. MK83

    Report - Ridge Lea Hospital, Lancaster - March 2021

    History - During the nineteenth century Lancaster became a provincial centre for the treatment of mental illness. In 1809 it was decided that the proposed County Lunatic Asylum would be built at Lancaster; a recognition of Lancaster’s status as the county town. Lancaster Moor Hospital was...
  20. xjb95x

    Report - Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth - November 2020

    First post and first proper explore - hope I do this right. Went to Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth(formerly known as Brecon and Radnor Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum) today. We had driven past before but didn’t have the time to stop and have a proper look. From reading other people’s reports I was...