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Report - Lennox Castle Tunnels March 2012


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Lennox Castle part 2 - fail?
A friend told me stories of miles of tunnels around the Lennox Castle estate as he knew a guy who had worked as a sparky at the hospital in the 90's and had to replace lights in the tunnels, so had to go and try and find it.

Lennox Castle became an Institution for the Mentally Defective in 1927. In 1929 building started on the £1.25 million Institution. The tunnels were built as underground ducts to hold all electric cables, water and steam piping. These were huge underground tunnels, which were about 6 feet high and 6 feet wide made out of reinforced concrete because of the ground conditions. There was supposed to be at least a mile and a half of tunnels under the institution.
After loads of searching and trying to match up an old map of the place to OS mapping we managed to find a ventilation shaft. We had already found 2 flooded entrances where the pipes had gone into the area where the boiler house was, so the dream of finding miles of unexplored tunnelling was disappearing.
Unfortunately the tunnel we found from the access shaft had been flooded too and the floor was thick in a gloopy mud. What seems to have happened is the upper part of this duct has been backfilled with earth when the Celtic facility was built. There is a drainage pond above here so this must be draining through the tunnel - leading to the flooding lower down. Bad air is a high possibility as the only ventilation is the access shaft and mud has blocked the way down.

This would have been totally amazing place before it got flooded out :(
Pleased that I at least managed to get some photos.

The tunnel looking North (downhill) with the access chamber on the left

same place looking South (uphill)

condensation glistens on the roof

one of the covered access which would have gone into one of the buildings


We also found the underground water reservoir for the hospital.



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