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Report - Lichfield Animal Rescue - June 2016


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Aka the 'hell house'. Visited with @Ferox who I hope won't mind me saying is a fellow grim bastard & knew that I was well up for seeing this place, nice one for this mate it was a fucking class explore & day in general. We nearly missed it due to a dodgy postcode but as Ferox was driving away managed to spot it so had to turn around & go back, there was this builder/workie stood trying to hitch a lift home we must of walked past him about 3 times haha. We went expecting to find dog skeletons in cages but were disappointed, plenty of cages but no skeletons or skulls :(. Apparently the place has been daily mailed in March though so there you go, still seemed a bit weird that it was just the dog skeletons that had been removed o_O. Still really enjoyed the explore, it's pretty obvious that the owners were massive animal lovers form all the ornaments, books & pictures which I respected being an animal lover myself. The place was caked in mould, cobwebs, shit, and general decay so definitely do not go in here without a P3 mask or equivalent. It was that bad that it nearly put Ferox off the obligatory overpriced petrol station butty that we got afterwards haha.


History on the place is pretty hard to find, thinking about contacting the closest branch of RSPCA to see if they can help me out but still not sure how to ask without being told to fuck off haha. A bit sceptical about the horror stories of dogs eating other dogs etc, not saying it didn't happen but have done a bit of research & there's no actual evidence of this so can't say that it definitely happened. Looks like there was a couple living there & they have passed away & the house has gone to shit, that's the most accurate history I can give at the minute.





one for @hamtagger












thanks for looking



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Glad to hear the dog skeletons have been removed now.. there was one as soon as you came through the front door :(


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Spot on my fellow grim friend :D As you know I sat on this until you where available to do it with me.
Was a horrible place for sure but well worth a look :thumb Took me a while to be able to look at my pics from this place without being reminded of the smell.
It would seem time is a great healer :D


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I know mate & it's much appreciated! Was horrible but don't regret it at all, would say it's in my 'top 5' so far anyway. That was some stench like :eek:. That little surprise on our last day out was better, will get that report up when I can...

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