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Report - Line Of Sight, Halifax - May 2011.


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Line Of Sight, Halifax

Well what can I say about this one, we went out in search of something else and was soon distracted by manholes & the smell of fresh :D

Massive shouts to Stepping Lightly for hitting this up with me, I know he's not too fond of the sewers :Not Worthy

Our journey was essentially to follow the main outfall sewer through Halifax from Dean Clough down to the treatment works, (1.89 miles of p00p to be precise)

We planned to do the whole lot in one go, but due to time constraints, weather and finally being chased out of a live utility compound we decided it best to re-visit...

...Fast forward another couple of weeks and we made our return, this time in the dead of the night as some of the locations are on-top as fuck to say the least!

I would say that S.L is a human grid key, as how he originally lifted the huge liddage at our safe entrance was beyond belief

That said we were soon back down our now modified manhole and back in familiar territory continuing on our quest down to the works

At just under two miles from upstream down to the treatment plant, the sewer changed size along the way, including:

A log flume, 2 falls, 3 huge screening chambers & miles of crete & festering p00p before finally emerging at the sewer plant

As far as sewers go this is a bloody big modern system, and equally impressive in parts, despite the relentless trudging through turds & fanny plasters and being chased by utilities workers it was well worth the effort :thumb

Sponsored by Yorkshire Water I give you 'Line of Shite' (I mean Sight) :D

Log Flume Access - UPSTREAM


Naturally we headed in just down from the flume at this chamber here


As tempting as it was to slide down, the sump at the bottom looked grim :eek:


Continuing down the RCP for some time we emerged at this here chamber


After a bit of faffing about we headed on into the first (and definately the largest) of the 3 screening chambers/CSO's along the way


The above pic was taken as the sewer headed underneath the giant processors above

A ladder up took us to the 2nd of 3 levels this beast had to offer


Once up we now stood above the sewer overflow


In the event of the sewer reaching capacity the larger stuff is filtered out with the remainder heading down this chute


More ladders took us up to the first floor of the utility building and onto a gantry now high above the sewer


We climbed back down and followed the overflow out, sadly no exit here


Continuing the madness we ploughed on downstream through all manner of waste, before reaching another screening chamber/CSO

We came to this junction, where the sewer was dangerously flowing down the weir and out into the brown pipe ahead, it was fairly deep at this point so only managed a quick handheld shot before GTFO


This section was grim as fuck, but we made our way down the RCP and out into the bottom of the screening chamber


Above were the giant screws housed in the processor room overhead


At this point we couldn't continue in the sewer as it dissapeared through a 300mm slot

We exited through the nearest manhole and back into fresh air briefly, before popping another lid and climbing into the processor room above the sewer




This was a live compound so SL went to keep a look out whilst I took the above shots

"Ojay, OJAY Utilities"

I actually thought it was a wind up to hurry me up until

"OJAY Get the fuck out now"

I literally shot up the hole as a van drove towards us and we had to run like fuck!

The trunk sewer carries on through more RCP as it heads downstream towards the works


Finally, the Outfall sewer reaches the works here


After a short distance it passes through into the final screening chamber before hitting up the rest of the plant



This was the end of the journey, as much as we fancied a mooch about we had other business to attend to, besides the place is covered in CCTV & motion sensors so wasn't worth the hassle on this occasion


stepping lightly

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Suffering from a chest infection and a shitty summer cold and he drags me down frickin sewers.......
makes me lift 250kg lids and to do the 100m in 9seconds flat when the utilities van drives up but well worth it to place another piece of the sub-ter-rain-ian jigsaw...
Top pics and report Ojay :thumb

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