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Report - Luddington House - Egham - May 2019


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I was informed of this site by my sister. I lived here for 5yrs or so back in the 90's. I lived in one of the apartments and mine was in the Dower House which is the wing on the RHS. I knew Mrs Gratton Storey in person and she was quite the lady and had her eccentricities. She was still climbing ladders to do repairs in her 80's. My father and mother both worked for her in my youth and my whole family would regularly swim in that pool. Tenants included a well known London newsreader over the years and there were some amazing articles including art and even a vintage Rolls Royce used to be garaged there with the Spirit of Ecstacy kneeling in prayer to commemorate the passing of either Rolls or Royce I can't remember which.

I now live in Canada and had not seen the place in 20 yrs. I see these pictures with interest and sadness. It is a shame to see how it has fallen over the years but sadly long before she passed the cost of upkeep drained Mrs GS and it has ended as you have all found it today.


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28DL Full Member
I worked for the owner in around 2002. She had abandoned large parts of the building and grounds even back then and sub let large parts to help pay the bills. But always insisted tenants use her name to avoid issues with the council. There were caravans on site too at the eastern end of the building. Luddington Lodge (property next door) was the old gardeners cottage at then end of a walled garden. It was sold off in around 2001 and had 17th graffiti carved into the remains of the wall which was really something. She mentioned there had been a fire and that she stoped using parts of the building from then on. I can’t remember her name but I mowed her lawns several times and never did get paid. Not a nice women

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