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Report - Manicomio Di R, Italy - September 2014


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It was late afternoon by the time we arrived on site, but the plan remained - carry our gear in with us and spend the night.

This was, after all, the main reason for the trip. I know, always dangerous to pin the success of a trip on one place, as if you don't get in, the disappointment is going to be pretty high. Still, that is the fact, this was the main reason for going.

In terms of the history of this place, as I understand it, the site was originally an asylum built towards the end of the 19th Century. Initially used as a hospital for the mentally ill, in later life it was used as a military academy. As there have been a number of different visits to the location, on with the images :)

It was great to find that, even after all this time, this observation light was pretty in tact


A number of views of this amazing staircase, I took one with the pillars, but prefer this view


It was a glorious day once the sun had come up - so I ventured outside for a quick shot - as well as this view, I went for the more traditional double corridor shot too


Before I went one of the things I hoped to see was the room of cupboards, and having seen a couple of images of the burnt room, I feared that this was what had happened...


I was very glad that the burnt room was not the only room with the cupboards :)


The site is a vast location to be honest, and although there for around 4 hours, I am sure that there was a lot more to be seen.


The corridor shot - which is the inside version of the outdoor view earlier :)


Thank you for viewing


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That is proper lovely! That staircase is awesome :thumb Thanks for sharing :D


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Cheers guys, it was a good trip. Manicomio was one of a number of great locations, although easily my favourite of that particular trip :) I do consider myself very fortunate to have been able to visit it :)


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Do you have any more reports from your trip to Italy I'd be interested to see them..


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Beautiful shots mate, it really is well worth going for. i can't believe you went mid afternoon, we went about 6 in the morning.

Will Knot

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Another nice report.......great pics :D

I drove past it weeks ago on a business trip and well pi**ed off I didn't get the time :(

Thanks for sharing :thumb