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Report - Mauldeth House - Chorlton - Manchester, August 2013


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Mauldeth House, Chorlton Cum-Hardy - Manchester, August 2013

I happened to be working on the ground here, last week, when a van pulled on the car park. The bloke got out, came up to me and
asked how to get in, as he needed to do some work on one of the masts, on the roof. I pointed him in the direction of the
reception and thought nothing more of it. Around midday I popped inside to ask the receptionist if I could use the lavatorial
amenities (bog). "Of course, first floor mate, take the lift." just then, the geezer off the roof appeared and said,
"just going for some dinner mate, back in half an hour." I got in the lift, straight to floor 6, loft ladder had been left down and the
roof access door was locked with the key left in. Sweet! :)

The concrete/brick six storey block of crap, lies on what must have once been the entrance to the far moor interesting Hough End Hall. Hough
End Hall was built in the 1590s for Sir Nicholas Mosley when he was Lord of the Manor of Manchester. Time and the hand of the
town planners has not been kind to the hall, as it sits in a sea of car parks, hemmed in by two hideous sixties office blocks to the
front and side, with the buildings of Chorlton High School and associated security fences crowding in from the rear.
The roof itself has an upper level, which offers some nice views of Manc. I got up with a view to climbing the ladder to the highest of the masts, but the hatch was bolted shut. :( I'm reliably informed that this is one of the tallest buildings in south Manchester and given the amount of mobile phone masts up there, there must be some truth in that. This was, as you can imagine, one of those things that just happens, I'll probably never get the chance to go up there again, so apologies for dodgy phone pictures, but it was all I had with me.













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