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Report - - Meanwood to Timble Beck Culverts - 14/09/2007 | UK Draining Forum |

Report - Meanwood to Timble Beck Culverts - 14/09/2007

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I first came across information on this Culvert back in May/June as my brother in Leeds was looking up some other exploring stuff on the internet and we were searching allover the net for stuff. That’s when I found this site, although it was actually another site where I first saw pictures of this culvert and after seeing the pictures from the outfall though ‘I would love to see that view from there one day’. The chance of it becoming a reality came to light after looking at some of RikJ’s stuff, the floods then hit so all it was left on the back burner, then Phill.D proved it was passable again (after doing some of the needed clearing up), that’s when I decided I was definitely going to do it soon. We planned to do it on 18/08/2007 but it rained so the plan was aborted. Then last week I made plans to be back in Leeds 14/09/2007 (for other family stuff) so the plan was back on for Friday night.

We started later than planned but sooner or later it was headtorches +High Vis all round (+all the other kit) and off we went.

We decided to get to the end then take photos on the way back but I’ll post the pictures in (more or less) the order of going down the beck. We took all photos on my brothers camera (to save swapping the tripod over) so will claim joint credit for them. Unfortunately we were limited to 4sec exposure on a compact (same limitation on mine) and this was the first attempt of ‘long’ exposure pictures, also we didn’t have a search blaster with us.

There was actually some ‘good looking’ graffiti in the more accessible parts, and to be fair the more artistic of the graffiti was on concrete not lie the mindless tagging that went over stone/ brick work and ontop of the ‘good looking’ stuff! (lets not turn this topic into a discussion on graffiti though, I don’t do it and generally am against it)

Much of the beck ran in open channels like this:
but do be warned there was evidence of drug abuse down there, together with more needles washed down near the outfall.


This is one of the first tunnels a corrugated section: there was a number of different tunnels before the last main one, which itself took many shapes and sizes.

This is a rather old looking section, complete with tree trunk wedged vertical from the floods. By now you can see how much variety in styles these culverts had.

on the way back I disappeared off in search of the Archimedes screw that lies off to the side (picture)(don’t know why I didn’t take my bag off first) but only found these flaps. Perhaps its behind them? (picture)

picture showing the decent stone work and brick work down there:

a rather large section (followed by another shape change, of which there are more than what I’ve pictured):

The tunnel splits here (I know I should have lit up the right tunnel also, but I though I was doing good to hide my torch in the debris to light the left tunnel, lol), we saw a large (6”) fish at this section. These too sections run parallel we went down the right one and back up the left one.

The end! my brother, his girlfriend and me silhouetted against the Royal Armories.

and my favorite picture: (I think the intensity of the view is amplified in my mind with me been originally from Leeds)
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