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Report - Mesnes/Pagefield Air Raid Shelters. (Aug 15)


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It appears that exploring on a sunday has grown into a regular thing with my friend ( he still needs to make an account here). So we thought we'd explore what Wigan has to offer (as we are both local) and gain experience at easier sites.
This weekend it was the Air Raid Shelters underneath Mesnes park.
Walking to the site we passed a couple of kids, one of them had hurt her foot on a nail inside the old college. She seemed ok, but we advised she wash the cut ASAP.


During the Second World War, Wigan was a target for the Nazi bombing raids, due to a munitions factory in Beech Hill and a Steel Mill/Iron works located near Mesnes Park. A collection of tunnels and Air Raid shelters were built under the park and remain there today. These were built to house the workers and local residents and were big enough to hold a couple of hundred people.
(I have found an old German targeting map or the area while researching the site. The area of the Mill is blacked out, I guess so that its easily identifiable to a bomber.
http://www.wiganworld.co.uk/album/photo.php?opt=8&id=14202&gallery=ready+for+war&offset=0 )


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@paulpowers thanks pal. I should probably invest in a tripod though.

I really like the old ww2 stuff. Even as a kid i would look for the pill boxes and enter if possible.


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Nice pics man, been here myself a little while ago. I was wondering, if you noticed at all, what kind of material are the tunnel blocks made from? is it just compact dirt? I've been keen on the idea of spending a few nights there digging a wee passage over/through the rubble, from your research and from the space currently available in the bunker there is definitely waaaaay more the discover in there that can't be accessed.

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