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Report - Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth August 2014

Laurie Dear

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This building was originally called the Brecon and Radnor Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum in Talgarth, Wales. It was opened in 1903 and became a war hospital in 1940 during the second world war. Patients were transferred out of this hospital during that time, but in 1947 it went back to being a civilian used hospital and later became apart of the National Health System in 1948. in 1999 the last ward was closed down and some of the services and facilities were transferred to the near by Bronllys Hospital.


Visited here earlier on this year and fancied another go with a nonmember, plus there was a Talgarth festival so thought brilliant, locals will be down in the town so should be fairly uninterrupted. Wondered around for about half an hour through some of the asbestos infested corridors and dodgy flooring that i didn't explore last time. I heard a banging...thought nothing of it as there are plenty of unexplained noises around the place. Then got spotted by a bald welsh bloke covered in tattoos claiming to be the key holder to the hospital when going to the buildings near the entrance. He told us he's going to ring the police and we will be prosecuted for trespassing. Him and two other blokes waited with us whilst police arrived who basically told us we are not to go in for health reasons and asked us whether or not we had smashed the main doors down as we were accused by the blokes of pushing them down and gaining access...only for them to be told they were wrong. Another group were being talked to by the police but never saw them inside.









Angry welsh locals who caught us whilst supposedly doing some work on a sunday...

Thank you for reading


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Hey....don"t be knocking Tattooed Bald Welsh Blokes...some are ok ........not me though obviously :)

Looks a decent mooch :thumb apart from the Tooled up Tools:wanker I"d like to see them approach "Yorkshire Metal Fairies" like that:D