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Some explorer

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So I've been doing some research about the mote Park mine, and saw a few pictures of the entrances, I explored the park for 3 hours and didn't find the entrance, can somebody possibly tell me some more information about where this entrance may be, I would love to explore it.


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If you put mote park mine entrance into Google and click images you might be able to use the first picture that comes up in your research ;)


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It's been very well secured by the council after the door was removed for a number of months. There is currently no way you will be able to access the place. Stick to the edge of the park and you will find the entrance


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28DL Full Member
its tucked away in an overgrown corner of the park, on the southern edge but is monitored by the council who keep the entrance sealed, its been forced open and resealed numerous times. There used to be similar mines off of what is now Chapman Avenue (completely sealed) and somewhere near the dip in Willington Street (Downswood), little to nothing is known of these two other mines.

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