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Report - Motherload - The river that stopped us :(

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During Nel58's UK visit we went to bristol for a trip down The Motherload.

Due to the volatile weather it had been on and off for a few weeks so were unsure about the state the drain would be in.

After a long drive we arrived and went down. Wow the shaft is something to be seen. Instantly knew that this was going to be good. We proceeded to climb down and after a couple of minutes we had splash down.

We now had left or right and i had forgotten which way JD had said to go so we went towards the noise to the left. After a little walking we got to a section with three little pipes flowing water into the main pipe with a little ladder going up. Nel went first to check it out and then waved me up. After cleaning the pipe out with my bag due to only just fitting i emerged.

Wasn't the right way but alas we found another cool shaft with four large pipes flowing up to the surface.

The same size as the main chamber in height but mabey a little smaller in diameter. We climbed to the top and took a few photos and the same from the very bottom.

Back we headed to the main chamber and this time left. The further on we got the water started to get deeper and deeper. When we emerged into the main pipe.

Hmmmmmmmmmm. It was a river. And a fast flowing river at that.

Nel slowly went in to test the height but only got one step down which nearly breached the waders anyway before returning. Almost getting swept away. While fumbling around with cameras trying to get a picture of the river. SPLASH, i dropped my maglite into the water which was instantly sucked downstream never to be seen again .

Back to the main chamber a few photos and we went up. Only to find my barriers all over the damn park Some local chavs had ripped the barriers apart and slung them left right and center kindly leaving one flat over the manhole. Thank god noone had fallen in.

Good trip regardless and will be going back one this constant rain/sun stops.

Pictures i took.

Looking up at the far end,


Entrance shaft


looking down


up again