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Report - Mumps Bridge Demolition, Oldham - August 2010.


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Mumps Bridge Demolition, Oldham.


Oldham's iconic landmark bridge over the Mumps roundabout has been demolished to make way for a new Metrolink terminus.

Constructed in 1860, and standing proud at Mumps roundabout in Oldham, Mumps Bridge proclaims that the town was where the tubular bandage was invented in 1961. Oldham’s small, but invaluable contribution to medical science came as the result of a partnership between local firm Seton and a cotton manufacturer in the town.

Since then, the tubular bandage has become common place in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries across the world. The advert across the bridge has always been a much-loved local landmark.

It was a bridge too far, as history was made over the bank holiday weekend as a massive operation was underway to dismantle the bridge, with a huge 1000 tonne crane to lift sections of the bridge out of place.

Earlier last week preparation work began before the 150 year old bridge was dismantled.

I took the opportunity to climb up during the daytime whilst I still had the chance. This proved tricky due to the amount of workers on site, however I still managed to get a few shots without getting busted.

On Friday evening Bungle kindly picked me up after he'd finsished work so we could watch the mother of all cranes being setup.

No less, A 1000 Tonne Liebherr LTM 11000 DS, which I belive is one of the largest mobile cranes in europe and at a hire cost of £40,000 per day this was going to be an interesting evening.

The mobile section had not long setup when we arrived, the rest was waiting on several specialist articulated vehicles and was constructed over the next few hours.

Having watched the crane being erected, we decided to call it a day.

The next morning I headed on down on my own as Bungle was working. I managed to watch them cut out the'deck'of the bridge and prepare the sides ready for the final demolition.

By this point the local media & press were all over the place as I managed to setup camp once again for the next few hours.

Just as they removed the final piece of deck, the heavens opened, so I jumped in the car and headed home for a while.

Later in the evening Bungle was on his tea break, so I met up with him back on site whilst they prepared to remove the sides of the bridge in this final stage of demolition.

After much cutting the bridge was still in place and sadly Bungle had to get back to work before he had chance to see them remove the first side.

Even more cutting later, there was loud applause as the workmen retreated and the crane revved up ready to lift out the first remaining section of bridge.

1000 Tonnes and a few minutes later only the Left hand side was moving LOL. It was quickly lowered back as the workmen returned for yet more cutting...

Another repeat of the above step and the bridge still wasn't for moving, maybe this was a sign :rolleyes:

Even more cutting and a good 15 minutes later the mighty crane revved once more, this time the bridge lifted with ease, it was a strange sight having travelled both under & over it many times during the years, and one which I will never forget.

I managed to capture the following Images of the demolition, and also a link to a time-lapse recording of the entire weekend.

Chop chop.....

Built in 1860


I climbed up on the bridge on the Thursday to get some final shots of the bridge & loopline



Looking up from the road


We watched the crane being put together on Friday evening until the early hours



Jib arrives


Jib being fitted to crane


Bungle hadn't had a chance to climb up onto the bridge, so I suggested we go, despite the amount of workers around, we still managed some cheeky shots




The next morning I went back to get some more shots

Liebherr LTM 11000 DS


With the crane fully built, the workmen had already cut, chopped & removed the decking from the bridge, here they remove the final piece



The final section of decking is lifted out,


and chopped up


Preperations are made for the final sections to be cut free and lifted out by the mighty crane


The final cut is made


before the first section is lifted out


and placed on the ground for chopping up


It was strange seeing the bridge no more, especially being an integral part of the towns infrastructure for 150 years and an iconic landmark.


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Thanks for looking :thumb

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