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Report - Norfolk County Asylum, Norwich May 2010


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The main hospital of St. Andrews is now fully converted but this annex is left derelict. I thought the whole thing was converted and not worth having a poke about in but comme d'habitude, I was wrong and pleasantly surprised. It's boarded to within an inch of its life and getting in was hilarious and painful. We found some awesome old paperwork which is surprising as the rest of the building is stripped of any other interesting artifacts. We sat for ages reading reports of ECT, incidents of patients punching eachother in the face and generally being naughty mentalists.

I would recommend a look around, it's good for a laugh and keeps one off the streets :thumb

This is what the people of yore wrote about it:

The Norfolk County Lunatic Asylum stands a little south east of the village, 3 miles from Norwich. It is a spacious & handsome building of white brick, with stone quoins, erected in 1814, under an act of 48 Geo 111, for the better care & maintenance of lunatics, being paupers or criminals. It is 430 ft long, with a Grecian portico in the centre, supported by 4 columns.

The cost of the erection & the adjacent grounds was £40,000, paid out of the county rates. It was enlarged in 1842, at the cost of £2300. The stone staircase is particularly worthy of notice, from the lightness & strength of its construction. The apartments & galleries are well ventilated, & fitted up for upwards of 150, who are maintained at the average weekly cost of 5s.9+d per head for the pauper lunatics, & 10s for the boarders.