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Report - North Tower (Premier Inn), Manchester - June 2018


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June 2018

The Visit
Me and @Choo Choo m8ty (Cool Boy Slim) had a crack at this one after work one day, and we were not disappointed. We spent a good 4 hours up there (excluding a trip to the hotel bar) and watched the sun set over Manchester.

Highland House was designed and built by Leach, Rhodes & Walker for the Inland Revenue, and completed in 1966. The tower was built using the new innovative technique of using a continuously climbing shutter to cast a central core; pre-fabricated cladding was then lifted into place using a crane.This technique led to rapid construction and avoided the need for scaffolding. This allowed the lower floors to be occupied while building continued on the above floors. The combination was very cost-effective, but the building has seen its fair share of problems, one windy night the windows of the building blew off, ending up in nearby Salford Bus Station.

During the late 90’s the Inland Revenue announced plans to vacate the building and ownership was sold to London & Regional Properties, who soon sold it on again to the Brentwood Group who proceeded to convert the bustling to the current use. It was at this point that the name was also changed from Highland House to North Tower. The building is made up of 24 floors and is currently home to a Premier Inn which occupies the first 10 floors, 13 floors made up of apartments and 1 service floor (Floor 24) which is home to several pieces of infrastructure and the usual crap you’d expect in a building this size.

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Cheers for looking.
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Nice pics matey .. was a nice trip up there. With some fun shots.

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