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Report - - North Wales, Denbigh, First UrbanEx - (07/09/07) | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - North Wales, Denbigh, First UrbanEx - (07/09/07)

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Very first explore here, as a 17 year old armed with nothing but a (good) camera phone this was the best i could do. Managed to blag a lift over to Wales off my mum on saturday morning and off i went, arrived there around midday, i honestly wasnt expecting there to be active security on site (the net isn't exactly forthcoming with details about this). But after a small walkabout i got in >=] at the small price of tearing my hands up a bit on some barb wire, classic newbie mistake, no gloves.

Must admit i was scared to death when i first went in (one too many horror films) but after i realized nothing was going to jump out at me i had the time of my life. Thought i was alone until i saw someone in one of the corridors, i'm sure it was a guard because he was just walking up and down, then i was practically having heart attacks everytime i heard a floorboard creak. Anyway, on with the pics! (hoping this works)




Took this when i was bored and hiding from =P





Unfortunately i only got an hour and a half in there because my mother had arrived in the town to pick me up and was having kittens thinking i'd broken my neck or gone through a floorboard (which i nearly did, several times) gutted i couldn't find the morgue or go in the main building because of the guy i saw in that area =(

But who should pull up outside the main gate just as i was about to leave? Mr. security in his big white van, fortunately he was a really nice bloke, just a quick ''I didn't mean any harm sir, i was just interested in the architecture.'' and i'm sent on my way with a ''Alright m'love, don't be going in there.''

Anyone fancy a trip back there? I'm not exactly brimming with cash, i can drive a motorbike but don't own one so im not much use with transport, oh, and i live in the Wirral. Feel free to delete this if it's not up to standards.