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Report - Old Swan Roundup (Liverpool, 2017/2018)


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A few places I looked at while cycling around my neighbourhood of Old Swan and surrounding areas. These sort of sites are only likely to be of interest to locals.

St Oswald’s Parish Club (53.411632, -2.915112). Originally a Methodist chapel (1845) it was bought by the church nearby (St Oswald’s) in 1866 and used as classrooms and a meeting place for the Catholic Young Men’s Society until 1966, when it became the Parish Club. I went in here looking for an entry into the more interesting listed building next door (a former school, possibly by Pugin) but didn’t find one. This old Parish Club seems to have closed about a decade ago and has definitely seen better days.

Derelict building (53.405231, -2.953796). Part of a street of houses now mostly demolished on Wavertree road. It turned out to be a bookies..‘nuff said.

St George. Just one of several pubs - no idea what it was like as a pub since I only visit dead ones.

St. Mary and St. Cyril’s Coptic Orthodox Church (53.419044, -2.915191). Until recently this was St Paul’s Church (C of E), designed by Giles Gilbert Scott who also did Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral amongst other things. Its an interesting looking place with its truncated gables and seriously chunky belltower, but always appeared to be shut. Then one day I saw a decorators van outside - it was being spruced up after being sold to Egyptian Coptics - and headed straight for the stairs.

Looking towards Old Swan with spire of St Oswald’s on the horizon.



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Excellent bike ride! @urbanchemist you undersell your work, I'm not a local but was more than interested, actually I was in Liverpool recently and took a walk out Bootle way as far as The Talbot pub because I wanted to photograph the streetscape before it changes, but I could not believe the number of derelict boozers, there seemed to be one on every street corner, sad really the community has lost all this

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