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Report - Owlsnest Woods, Bunker and Pool, Kent, September 2020


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This place is currently being tourbussed so I decided to visit before it gets hit by the vandals.

When i arrived i bumped into another explorer i know and we discussed the house in the grounds, i told him it was alarmed and they said there was another group there who were at the house. they showed me to where the bunker was and went off to continue their explore, i had only been down in the bunker a matter of minutes when the person i know kindly came to tell me the ones at the house had activated the alarm (that you can’t hear down there) so i made a swift exit.

After visiting another site nearby (and failing) i went back an hour later after checking no one had turned up and tried again. I decided this time to go to the pool room first and i can’t explain how breathtaking it was to see the mural of the naked lady in real life instead of pictures on a website. it is so beautiful and the artist, Voyder, is extremely talented. the pool is filthy with green water and there is a jacuzzi in one corner and a bar area in the other.

After having a good look round i returned to the bunker and was joined by another group of explorers who turned up. the bunker is amazing and really interesting, filled with tins of food, it has 2 shower rooms, a toilet, generator room, bedrooms, a fitted kitchen and a room with equipment all set for use back in the early 80s should there be a nuclear war. you enter through a blast door (mind your head, don’t twat it like i did - it hurts) and go down a concrete staircase and through another blast door. amazing place, especially as it’s built from 2 shipping containers.

The bunker is full of everything you would have needed to survive down there right down to sanitary products for the ladies. despite some of the food being opened, including a plate of rotting food, there was no bad smell but the place was full of fruit flies. i’m not too sure why there were boxes of bullets though i don’t know if there were any in the boxes, i didn’t realise until i saw the photo what the boxes were. it’s very dark down there and with only my pretty useless torch it was a case of point and click in the dark with the pics.

This is one of my most favourite explores to date.

History -

So the mural is by an artist called Voyder :

VOYDER is an international artist with over 15 years experience in disciplines from oil painting to large scale muralism. Coming from graffiti roots, VOYDER has become renowned for his unique take on traditional graffitism and spray painted photorealism. VOYDER has worked with a number of globally recognised brands, fulfilling a variety of briefs with creativity and style.

History of the site :

From a news article - However it was not long before the truth about the “Owlsnest bunker” was revealed - by the man who had helped build it.

In a letter to the council’s planning department, Mark Wood, who lived there for 32 years, said: “I helped my father build the so called bunker. He was slightly eccentric and was always doing so called projects.

“The bunker was built in the 1980s out of two 20ft shipping containers and the roof was made of old Tyler concrete gutters. The so called control room was a printing plate with all the light switches cut into it. Sadly it is not circa second world war.”

The only piece of historical relevance to Owlsnest is that the lake was man made by the owners of Pembury Grange in Victorian times with a walkway all the way round and a large fountain used to run in the centre of the lake. The large pipe is still there just below the surface.”


Planning has been submitted for a care home to be built on the site but nothing appears to have come of it as yet though I believe it is in the final stages (thank you to the person on here who told me)

Demolition is planned of the existing house, outbuildings, pool house and bunker to build a 76 bed health and wellbeing facility to supply private nursing care and step down care to adjacent hospital with associated car parking, signalised entrance junction, landscaping and amenity space along with proposed community access of existing lake for recreational and leisure use.

https://democracy.tunbridgewells.gov.uk/meetings/documents/s37948/15505823FULL - report.pdf




























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We have been planning to explore this for a while but never got round to it but we mite try this evening so we can see it before its completely trashed and burnt out as it seems to be posted everywhere all of a sudden

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