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Report - - Paris Catacombs - GRS Network - 01/09/07 | European and International Sites |

Report - Paris Catacombs - GRS Network - 01/09/07

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Oxygen Thief

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A longer than normal trip with Syme, Rigsby, Itinerant Child, Willis and Bubblehead.

Met the guys early at Gare du Nord, stashed our kit and made our way towards the start point. Got the shopping done, and breakfast at McDonalds, and eventually made our way in via the usual place.

Today, our main aim was to see the South West of this network, known as Montsouris. A quick stop at the Passe Murraille...





Went to the KCP room for dinner, and then the BDM room.

Then after a little search we found the 'Bong Room' that we saw earlier this year...


We were due to meet Paulo and his friends at 9pm so we headed over to the West to meet them.


There were already two groups of Cataphiles in Bysance and we swelled the numbers considerably, there was 11 Brits in there when Paulos lot turned up. Lots of friendly chat and drinking going on, with some French rap in the background. A good time was had.

The time came to move North. Our group set off first, through Lanterns and onto Carrefour des Morts, and onwards to the West to Anscluz, our room for the night. It was now the early hours and we were getting tired.

Within minutes half the guys were asleep, keeping the other half awake, as is usually the case. Cheers.

Through the night, people came and went. Paulo turned up in the early hours as he couldn't get his hammock to stay up in the Monks Fountain next door.

In the morning a few of us set off to find something, leaving the others in bed. When we returned, we had some food and got ready to move South, ultimately to exit. We left first...





The exit was through a manhole onto the streets of Paris above. As clockwork, we calmly but urgently left the underground and into the real world... and straight back down to the Metro, to the lockers, a wash, and several large beers.

Cheers guys, a top trip :thumb
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