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Report - - Paris GRS Network aka The Catacombs - Sept 2015 | European and International Sites |

Report - Paris GRS Network aka The Catacombs - Sept 2015

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Oxygen Thief

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OK... the name. Technically this is the Le Grand Réseau Sud or Great Southern Network. Most people call it the catacombs. That said, there's only a very small percentage of the network where you will find bones.

To summarise what exactly the tunnels are... The GRS is many smaller quarries, backfilled and strengthened, then amalgamated leaving 'general inspection galleries' for the inspectors. Why inspectors? Because as Paris grew, they built over the generally unmapped and unknown quarries, and building collapses occurred. The "Inspection générale des carrières", or IGC, was created to locate, stabilise and monitor the quarries, which they still do to this day.

Explored with @Dmax , @Speed , @Idavoll and Olivia.

Started off as a complete nightmare. First we were late for the Eurostar and got bumped onto a later train. Then all trains were delayed 'for security checks', then there was a power cut, then, after actually getting to the loading door of the train, it was full, so we had to wait for the next train. the repercussions of this meant an uncomfortable nights sleep in the car, which never really happened, and 12 hours later than planned going underground.

After reaching Paris in the middle of the night, we parked the car and did our own thing, some slept, me and Dmax went to check the exit, and we reconvened in the morning to buy breakfast and supplies.

Then we were in.

Dmax waiting for the others...


Speed sorting his carbide lamp out....



First through the water, nice and clear...


and behind, not so clear...


On our way North...


Dmax and Speed in Le Plage...


So we were actually heading to Carrefour des Morts, or Crossroads of the Dead. This is where the main bones are. But there's some other things to find there, including the bones shaft, and bone throne...


After this we grabbed some food and sleep, then headed off to our rendezvouz with some French friends...


That's the only picture I have. Much alcohol was drunk, good times were had.

I don't remember taking this, but it's on the way back to where we were sleeping.


In the 'morning' which was actually mid afternoon, I had a banging headache and we headed South to Montsouris. KCP and BDM etc.

That was pretty much it except for one last night. There was three of us now, and we slept fairly close to the exit. We had to navigate 'Banga' to get there...



and then rest...


Then out and home.

Top weekend, thanks to all involved.

Camera Shy

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Looks like a great time, always fancied this just for the experience, maybe one day.


Bespectacled & irrelevant
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I'm due a return here, didn't even look at a manhole this time when I was there.


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Once again what a crazy weekend under Paris with some crazy friends :)
Loved it !

The Kwan

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Amazing, like the sound of the bone throne and crossroads of the dead, great report.