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Report - - Paris Catacombs - GRS Network 16th/17th May 2007 | European and International Sites |

Report - Paris Catacombs - GRS Network 16th/17th May 2007

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited with Snappel, Chess, Oxygen Thief and Zero.

Met up at Waterloo as planned, just making it intime for checking in. Travelled on to Gare de Nord, got some dinner and headed to the starting point.

Now i have been before but this time was something else. Although most of the places i had seen before this was a totally different style of trip. A very 'hardcore' trip with lots more crawls, cuts and brusies. Definatly my best trip so far.

Normally for a weekday you expect not to see any other people down there, but being a french holiday it was as livley as a Saturday night. We saw much more ot the catacomb culture with parties, drinking and smoking.

We saw most of the usual rooms in the West of the GRS and made our way up to the North to a room called Anschluss where we intended to stay the night.

We up with one of our french contacts for a drink and an explore before bed. We had just got off to sleep when people arrived in to the room we had set up camp. In came music, beer, wine and suddenly we were all crammed in a smoky lively room. Now this place is not like a hotel and if you get a room then its yours for the night, its anyones and you dont own it so we joined in and chatted away till 'till 6 or 7 in the morning, i cant really remember the time was. It like a dream (if you have been before i think you will understand).

The whole culture of underground Paris really got to me on this trip and i cant wait to get down there again to sere more of this place.

Huge thanks to OT for being our guide and to Snappel, Chess and Zero for the entertainment along the way.

Enjoyed the photography a lot more this time and felt i knew my camera a lot better than the first trip.

The Man In the Wall


The Goat/Ram Room

OT checking the Map

The Castle Room

La Celliere (sp)


Salle Z



Val De Grace

Philbert's Grave
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Oxygen Thief

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Re: Paris Catacombs - GRS Network REPORT 16th/17th May 2007

Couldn't really be bothered taking pictures this trip, but here's a few anyway...

Val de Grace...




A carving somewhere in the SW...


Don't quite know what happened here, different I suppose...



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