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Report - RAF Church Fenton, Tadcaster. June 2016


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RAF Church Fenton History

RAF Church Fenton first opened in 1937 as a brand new RAF Fighter station. It saw the peak of its activity during the years of World War II, when it served within the defence network of fighter bases of the RAF providing protection for the Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Humberside industrial regions.

September 1940, it became home to the first RAF 'Eagle Squadron' of American Volunteers.

After the war it at first retained its role as a fighter base, being among the first to receive modern jet aircraft, namely the Gloster Meteor and the Hawker Hunter. In later years, its role was mainly flight training, from 1973 for a few years being home to the Royal Navy Elementary Flying Training School using the Jet Provost T3, and again 1979-1992, triggered by the introduction of the Panavia Tornado, being the first station to receive the new turboprop-powered Short Tucano T1 basic fast jet trainers. From 1998-2003 Church Fenton was the RAF’s main Elementary Flying Training airfield.


I have been meaning to visit this location for quite a while now, but never really get chance as I work till 11pm most days or I'm up at 4am for work. I luckily had the week off work and decided to take a crack at this.
Two hours of exploring the grounds in the lovely weather we have had, I was a tad burnt!
Now to the pictures..



















Thanks for looking :)


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bloody hell that watermark is gigantic! the pictures are nice and you've got me curious about this place, but the watermark spoils them a little, maybe scale it down a touch, subtlety is key!


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Seeing these photos of how the place has been let go makes me feel quite sad (and old) :(. I carried out my first jet solo there in 1977. I also lived on the station for a short while in 1988 whilst carrying out some jet refresher flying.


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Nice shots, but I'd shrink the water mark a tad

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