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Report - Redmires Reservoir Plughole, Sheffield,February 2017


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Hi this is my first report so I have chosen a site I ,am familiar with and has easy access to enable me to use this report as a learning curve. The site is Redmires Reservoirs plughole just on the western side of Sheffield
The three reservoirs are known as the lower middle and upper dams, the plughole is in the upper dam.The dams were constructed around 1836 to provide fresh drinking water to the growing industrial city of Sheffield.
The plughole and tunnel is a comparatively recent innovation as it does not show up on a 1950,s map but does appear on a early 60,s map.
Only 100 meters from the plughole is the site of The Grouse and Trout Inn, the pub was there to quench the thirst of the Victorian navigators that built the Dams. The pub opened in 1852, closed in 1913 and was demolished in 1934.
To do a full explore you can access the plughole and climb down, dropping the last 10 foot as the steel steps were cut away several years ago to deter access.

Accessing the plughole

What remains of the steps

Looking down box section

Looking back at plughole base

Beyond the box section is the 6 foot diameter RCP

Looking down RCP

Pipe itself

Outlet to open culvert

Site of The Trout and Grouse Inn