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Report- Carmel college Jewish boarding school, Wallingford


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Carmel college was a co-educational boarding school located around 50 miles from the centre of London. It opened in 1948 and closed in 1997. In 1996 the school fees were £10,000 per term (around £18500 in todays money), this placed the school within the top 20 most expensive schools in the UK and earned it the nickname "Jewish Eaton"
The school did give out scholarships to the students who were more gifted in maths and the sciences, many of whom donated hefty sums to school when they became successful in later life. The schools strongest subjects were maths and sciences, but they also have an impressive art department and galley.
The grounds have been featured in many films and music videos, such as "Sexercise" by kylie minogue, "The iron lady" 2011, "Annihilation" 2018, "The death of Stalin" 2017.
The library within the main manor was also the location of the final briefing for the Dam Busters raid (operation chastise) using the "bouncing bombs"

The Explore
Me and a friend visited this place over two days, sadly our first day was cut short by the angry groundskeeper so we decided to visit again yesterday. We only managed to get in the computer science block as the other buildings were all tightly sealed but the walk round the ground was still interesting, the pool/gym, main house, synagogue are all still in very good condition but many of the other buildings have smashed windows and collapsing ceilings. The grounds are very easy to get into but once your there you have to look out for the groundskeeper, he is an old bloke and is very moody, when we encountered him all he did was pull up in his little red van, point to my camera and say "put that away and fuck off where you came from."


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Sounds like he is related to Derek at Talgarth :D I’ve never been called the C word as much in my life!!

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