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Report - Chiltren wing, Psychiatric Hospital - 2018


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I have visited that one a few times but finally got the opportunity to go there with @duncandisorderly.

This is an old psychiatric hospital though the Chiltern Wing was the modern extension to the main Victorian buildings.

All together the various wards were always ran by Springfield University Hospital (Tooting) and were one of the 5 Boroughs that NHS Mental Health Trusts provides specialist mental health care for.

What is a little less known is why and how Sutton wards came to a closure and that is where it all becomes a little shady and dirty.

In 2008 an independent report conducted following multiple reports of abuse made to patients by staff, as well as neglect, concluded that Jasper ward (The acute psychiatric ward located on the first floor of the Chiltern wing) would have to invest a rather astronomic sum of money in order to comply with the level of quality of care expected in such a ward.
Very interestingly enough now, a few months later the Chiltern wing declared that control labs (who regularly check water conditions on hospital wards) concluded that they were infected with Legionnaire disease and urgently closed all wards and moved all patients to alternative wards in the other boroughs. Jasper Ward was Moved to Crocus Ward right in the heart of Springfield Hospital.
The locals, especially patients and their families, hardly ever bought that Legionnaire infection story, instead believing it was a simple lie made to avoid having to spend funds in abiding with NICE guidelines...

Right and now for some pics (I did not have my tripod and it was my first time trying my sigma 10-20!)

Below leads to a vast communal area/reception


More of the reception with stairs leading to Jasper Ward (acute admission ward, formally about 30 beds) and Fox Ward (Dementia Ward). I seem to remember that Horizon was always located on the ground floor...

Reception from above and some very creepy guy ;) @duncandisorderly

The very ran down cafeteria (and my one and only half decent picture!)

Shaky view of the roof up Jasper Ward (fond memory as on my previous visit the only access left was up the roofs :D )

Communal area on Jasper ward


Jasper ward corridor with blood pool ;)



That's about it.

I'm not sure yet if I'll go back again but hmmm it's pretty possible that I will!


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Decent first report :thumb

The report might have been better in asylums and hospitals section. @The Lone Ranger is about and might be able to move it?

In the introductions sections, people normally stick up a few sentences about who they are and what they like exploring and stuff like that.


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Thank you :) and yes I know, I only realised when it was too late...I was distracted at work, multi-tasking and writing it and I think I decided to write it when I was half way through to browsing posts on the introductions page *facepalms*. Thanks again anyway :D