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Report - Report - Walkergate Hospital - May 2013


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Hi all, this is my second go at doing a report, first one didnt go to well but with abit of advice i think this should hopefully come out better.

I know the hospital has been reported a few times, but i did the photos before i had even visited the site, so thought id just stick them up and give myself another excuse to have a go at doing a report...

Little bit of history as i feel a lot has been written about it already...
'This was built in 1888 originally as a
hospital for Infectious Diseases _
scarlet fever,diphtheria,typhoid,
tuberculosis and,later,polio.During
World War 1, injured soldiers who had
been sent home were housed in two
pavilions built on the East side of
Benfield Road.Originally temporary,
they were not demolished until about
7yrs ago.The hospital,now contracted
to 192 beds,has Eye,Ear,Nose and
Throat departments.It is expected to
be used only for looking after old
people in future,with operations being
carried out at the Royal Victoria
Infirmary in Newcastle which has also
the nearest Accident Department.'

I believe since that statement above it went under a few different modernisation's , and now there isn't much of it left with only the very west side of it that hasn't yet been demolished.

Unfortunately i don't have a picture of the external as i didn't think about it at the time i went for a visit, i was more interested in the inside.