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Report - Royal London Chest Hospital - August 2015


"Take only pictures, leave only footprints"
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The London Chest Hospital, located in Bethnal Green in London, adjacent to Victoria Park, was a hospital run by the Barts Health NHS Trust. It closed in April 2015 as part of the creation of the Barts Heart Centre at St Bartholomew's Hospital, which involved the consolidation of services from the London Chest Hospital and UCLH's The Heart Hospital. It had a national reputation for cardiac treatment.

Barts Health announced in April 2015 that "the hospital is no longer up to the demands of rigorous specialised 21st century medicine and is now closed." As of 2015, Barts Health NHS Trust Plans to sell the premises. The financial return from its sale will then be reinvested directly into the new specialist Barts Heart Centre at St Bartholomew's.
The Explore

A friend of mine pointed this one out to me, so we got our mate in on it and drove out to it, also meeting @camoe for the first time. (To which was handy since he warned us about secca and knew the ins and outs of the place :p)
Started of pretty easy, once we were in we were strolling around for a while just looking for access and watching out for secca, finally found a way in! (Gotta love an open window!)

Once we were in we wasted no time and started exploring as much as we could, like @camoe pointed out in his report, it's hard to not take so many corridor shots :rolleyes:
One of the most exciting parts about this one, was having to sneak past the security office! That kept it interesting :cool:
This one was very picture heavy, think I managed to top 100 photos here easy, so I wont put them all up!
Onto the photos!




"Take only pictures, leave only footprints"
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"Take only pictures, leave only footprints"
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Awesome bro, was cool meeting you guys last night! im so surprised that secca didn't say hello!
Yes you too! Was a right old laugh! We took a re visit there tonight, they tried to say hello, but we just slipped 'em :cool:


"Take only pictures, leave only footprints"
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excellent report dude! I tried this a month or two ago, but we decided not to risk sneaking metres behind the secca to get to the upper floors! might have to return as you got some great shots ;)

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Got proper busted here last night.

Two secca guys one screaming that if we moved he was " going to fucking hurt us " The other guy was a gent and proper placid.

Couldn't help ourselves but childish snigger at the one who was loosing his rag, only to be made worse by us snap chatting videos of him and taking selfies with the two of them in the background. The placid one found it quite funny

The lairy guy called the police, screaming at them down the phone that he had intruders, just two of us lol.

Mr Lairy was telling us how good he was at his job and how nobody had ever got in, this only made us snigger more

Eventually 7, yes 7 of the Mets finest turned up, they had a good ole giggle and a laugh with us and walked us off site with much eye rolling and belittling of the other enthusiastic member of site security


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Awesome, I had a new heart valve installed there in 2012 and was in for two months, I remember some of those rooms very well.

Passed it on my bike today and didn't even know it had closed, immediately did a recce and started planning a trip. It absolutely has to be done. :)


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Went to explore here a couple of weeks ago and we were approached by security before even getting past the hoardings!