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Report - Royal London Chest Hospital (July 2015)


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For my second report, I decided to check this out following a rumour posted that it closed down a couple of months ago. Site looks very secure once you're over the fence and think it was quite down to luck that we found a way into the main building.

It was quite a short explore as the security guard was lingering right by the stairs we needed to take to get to the get up to the first floor (and looked like he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon), so only managed to explore the basement and ground floor, nothing too special really, most of the rooms had been completely stripped out.

Here's some history off wikipedia:
It was founded in 1848 by Thomas Bevill Peacock, and first opened in 1855. It closed on 17th April 2015.

Fabrice Muamba, the Zaire native who played for England's Bolton Wanderers, was taken here after suffering a cardiac arrest on the pitch on 17 March 2012; after going without a heartbeat for 78 minutes and being kept anesthetized so he could recover. He has made substantial progress and is now out of hospital, but was forced to retire from football.

A change in the way that specialist cardiovascular services are provided across north and east London, enabled the creation of the Barts Heart Centre, one of Europe's largest and most modern cardiac hear centres. Services moved from the London Chest Hospital (Barts Health) and The Heart Hospital (UCLH) to the Barts Heart Centre at St Bartholomew's Hospital in April and May 2015. {Local campaigners opposed the closure which was approved by NHS England in October 2014.

Barts Health announced in April 2015 that "the hospital is no longer up to the demands of rigorous specialised 21st century medicine and is now closed." As of 2015, Barts Health NHS Trust Plans to sell the premises. The financial return from its sale will then be reinvested directly into the new specialist Barts Heart Centre at St Bartholomew's.
Anyhoo, here's some photos (excuse the overuse of the fisheye lens, had no other lenses with me all day):

Records storeroom:


Looked like the server room was still up and running though!

In an x-ray lab:


And the MRI lab:
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Nice one, hopefuly the security goes soon, had a chat with them a few weeks back haha. Well done for getting in. Is good to see. :)


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Nice one, hopefuly the security goes soon, had a chat with them a few weeks back haha. Well done for getting in. Is good to see. :)
Fingers crossed! Did they know anything about the potential future of the building? Gonna try pop back little while and see if I have any luck getting access to the upper floors.


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Did you get any photos of the security? Usually its hilarious if you can capture the security and they can't see you..

Great report though, thanks for sharing.


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Never even knew this place existed! Years back I got well rumbled by the secca bloke at Ravenscourt Hospital by walking straight into him around a blind bend. It looked very simular to this place. Now there is a place I've not seen a report on for a long time...

The Guard Dog

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Nice explore and I hope security sticks about purely to keep the place safe from suddenly catching fire.