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Report - Selly Oak Telephone Exchange - Birmingham - Nov 2011


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Nothing major this one, just a nice 50s exchange that's a few hundred yards up the road from '28days Birmingham HQ'. Like many exchanges its one of those buildings you drive past all the time and wonder 'is it or isn't it' Then as if by magic one day you spy an asbestos van in the yard and shortly after boards go up on the windows and its game on!

As you would expect its quite stripped inside but still good for a mooch. Its hardly changed since it was built and has some nice features. I didnt take many shots as we planned to go back, then of course when we did go back the entrance had been sealed up! Oh well.. i didn't get a photo but does anyone know what a 'Mega Stream' is?? Turk?? :bananapopcorn








And no, before you ask, it doesn't lead to Anchor..
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Mega stream is a point to point 2 megabit circuit. loads still out there bit old hat these days with the newer higher capacity stuff available.


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Go have a look, its virtually at the end of my street, more boarded up than it used to be but still possibly a way in.. in fact almost definitely if you think outside the box.
Ill take it that the blue door isnt still off the hinges and it wont be as easy as just walking in l.