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Report - Selly Oak Telephone Exchange (April 2019)


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Well, here goes my first report on this website! I hope you enjoy!

Speed did a report on this place back in 2011 so I decided the forum needed a little update since it's... lets just say "considerably" more rundown now than it looked back then. Despite it being fairly barren it is undoubtedly a nice location nonetheless with the design of the building really intriguing me, never seeing one like it I was driven to explore. Couldn't really dig out much history from anywhere but it was built in 1955 and housed a repeater station on its ground floor. It was in operation for about 50 or so years before becoming abandoned.

Me and some friends decided to visit the old exchange, access is incredibly obvious and you would have to blind to miss it. Starting by having a walk around the building we found the customary crack corner where we were greeted by a friendly homeless man quietly shooting up. He seemed friendly so we asked if anyone has been in the building recently and he said the people that were there left recently, so we were slightly reassured that we should be alone in there however taking an addict's word with a pinch of salt.

Upon entry, we slowly began to see the extent to which this place had degraded over the years, (take a look at Speed's report from 2011 for some good pics from back then) from the considerable lack of machinery to the amount of doors knocked off their hinges and smashed windows. Something that particularly intrigued me was the flooded basement; was this the cause of abandonment or was this damage inflicted afterwards? I'm still unsure, if anyone has any information on that it would be greatly appreciated.

There was a slightly eerie vibe throughout the place with strange items such as children toys dotted around the site as well as finding a strange pink substance thrown up the walls of one room. The occasional noises and movements from the resident pigeons gave you a slight fright but the climax of the event was the view from the roof! Of course it is only three floors high but the sight was still quite incredible (perhaps just because it was my first rooftop, who knows).

Anyways, after a slightly terrifying run in with a group of presumed druggies we exited the building as fast as possible to keep our skulls intact but still managed to spend a good few hours taking pics beforehand. Very glad to have explored this place! Full of interesting little artefacts pointing back to the sites history yet surrounded by so much decay.

((Also, on many of the doors inside there were signs saying "P.U.P site", anyone got any idea what that could mean?))
((Sorry about the lack of organisation of the pictures also, I had quite a lot and to be honest really couldn't be bothered after writing this all in one sitting))




Den room.JPG

exterior bright.JPG

Flooded basement Equipment.JPG

From crack corner.JPG

Front door.JPG



Local Residents.JPG


Nature and Abandonment.JPG


On some sci-fi shhit.PNG


Roof Walkway.JPG


Roofscape 2.JPG

Roofscape 3.JPG



Smashed up window.JPG

Spiral Staircase.JPG

spoon n window.JPG

teddy uwu.JPG






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Sorry chaps nothing to do with the internet or protocols stands for Pick Up Point. It was where faulty circuit boards were left for collection to be taken for repair or repaired boards returned to the field for use.


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This used to be the base for the transmission team known locally as the "Birmingham six". That would have been at the start of "high speed data" when a 2 Megabits circuit was considered cutting edge.