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Report - - Serpent's Lair (Drain) - 11/03/07 | UK Draining Forum |

Report - Serpent's Lair (Drain) - 11/03/07

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"Serpent's Lair", a massive surprise as i wasnt expecting to find anything as good as what i did, my original intention today was to go back and finish off Labyrinth and do a few bits and bobs down there. I someone got sidetracks by contant hmmm whats the sound down there and a rat. And well found this!.

My best drain so due to the fact of the size of the features and also that all the pictures im going to post below is following just one or two of the tens of side shoots down there!.

Arrived in london around 10am and got some food duck tape and drink as i wanted to be down for the long haul not having to come up for any reason. Went to my access point and down i went. Familiar wift of moist air was a nice welcome. But my passageway into the Labyrinth was foiled by two rats who seemed reluctant to give way and as you had to midget walk the tunnel there was no way in hell i was bending over near it.

Oh well decided to go the opposite direction down a boring ass tunnel with no features whatsoever, ten mintues of walking and the level of the water is almost over my wellies :(, Ducktape time!, Two rolls per leg should do the trick and it did, But i pulled it to tightly so my mobiity was now down to around 20 percent. Boooo.

Continued on for a while and finally came to a junction although not too interesting i took a photo and went on to find a mini chamber with a random drain junction half way up? wierd.

Another little walk brought me to a larger junction with little steps and a triangle of offshoots here and there! But what was more interesting for me was the sound i could here round the bend, I walked down the tunnel and nearly shat myself when i saw what was at the end. I am crap at explaining so ill let the pics do the talking!.






Wow that was awesome, anyways more thing to do more to see. Back to the stairs chamber and continued up when slip "crap" "dammit" "ahhh" "smash". I go sliding over sideways and as i was carrying my camera my stupid instincts buried it into the wall. I looked with horror as i saw massive cracks across the front noooooo!. Luckily it was only the filter on the front which was damaged and the lense was fine.

reaching yet another largish chamber connecting into a large room shaped like a barrel drum. Now where do i go? 4 to choose so i take the right front. More walking along here and yet again i go over this time just getting wet. Getting irritating now. Passed what looked like hanging gardens of tissue paper and came to another junction. Was setting up my camera and tried to go round it


Over i go camera in hand smash my hands against the wall camera is submerged hands in pain. Damn just not my day. I waited it out for a while to see how the camera had faired, Well the screen was stuffed flickered on and off so i decided to call it a day. No camera for a while :(. oh well totally worth it

The Pictures!!!!!!!!!











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