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Report - Seven Stars Hotel, Wigan

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Handsome pub and inn, built 1902. Closed in 2004 and has since suffered a fire. The newspaper stated it had "gutted the former pub" but really has only partially destroyed a gable.

One of the most lavish pubs I have seen inside, closed or open. Beuatiful floors throughout, Staffordshire tiling, acid etched glass, and beautifully carved woodwork. The staircase was huge and of superiour quality. It was also tiled to the top, but they had been painted over for some stupid reason... as if anyone would want to see lavish tilework:crazy

One pub window read 'news room'. Never seen that before, I have seen 'tap room', and the more common 'smoke room', but never news room before.

The pub can also boast detailed plasterwork, a curved bar, with mosaic which follows the curve of the woodwork and the odd victorian fireplace here and there.

I really hope there is a future for this building, but as usual I am sure it will be demolished.







Tiling peeks through the paint on the staircase





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Re: Seven Stars Hotel, Wigan REPORT

Tell us about the place mate, was it a good boozer...

Hi Dweeb,

In its day The Seven Stars was a superb boozer a proper mons pub from the clunk of the brass latch on the door as you went in, to the sound of clogs on the mosiac floor (no carpets here).

The Seven Stars was built to quench the thirsts of the locals in that area. Now i know its hard to believe now but that area around the pub used to be a densely populated area with 2 up 2 down back to back terraced housing that used to supply the manpower for the local mills and collieries (i think there were three mills within spitting distance)
By the 80's the Stars along with St Joes church became land locked after all the (slum) housing had been cleared and the area turned into industrial units and by this time the glory days of the Stars was long gone. When the Latics and rugby club moved to the JJB satdium the Stars had a brief respite as trade picked up when the teams were at home, but sadly this was not enough to ensure the doors stayed open.
Not too long after the pub shut it got torched and you can put your life on it, it will go the same way of all the historic buildings in Wigan.:mad:

The Seven Stars 1902-2008 RIP


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Dear Dweeb I wonder if you can advise me as to where I can possibly sell some old pub memorabilia. For example I have a large pub wall framed and glazed advertising poster for the Seven Stars Hotel in Wigan it is over a metre oblong. Not sure how to send you a photo. Basically advertising IPA and whiskey etc. Plus some Magee Marshall glasses from before it was taken over by Greenhall Whitley. When we lived there we were told that the original Seven Stars was built in 1707 but burnt down t the turn of the 19th century and was rebuilt in 1902 So sad that another fire was its downfall.


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Hi Jean
I know its a long shot but do you still have the poster from the Seven Stars?

Thanks Chris

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