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Report - Ski Village - Sheffield - April 2014

super nerris

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Sheffield Ski Village - April 2014

Hey there fellow explorers,

This one documents my very first outing as a novice urban explorer, any constructive tips or comments would be welcome, please go easy on me!!

A friend and I visited a few sites prior to settling on the Ski Village, we'd thought it would be a easy site to start off with having seen previous posts on 28DL. We wanted to show how much the site has deteriorated since the previous post from February 2013. We were quite surprised by the results...

Looking forward to visiting other sites in and around Sheffield


From Wikipedia
“Sheffield Ski Village was an artificial ski slope complex in the Parkwood Springs area of Sheffield, England until destroyed by fire in 2012. It was believed to be the largest artificial ski resort in Europe[1] with a sports shop, bar, restaurant and a range of slopes which include a snowflex nursery slope, a dendix recreational slope and a freestyle park consisting of a half pipe, hip jump, kicker, a quarter pipe and various grind rails.”

Thanks for looking:)










Many Thanks

Until next time.....


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This is one of those places that has little to photograph, and that we have probably seen too often - and TBH I expected it to be bin worthy - but actually you have dragged some good shots out of the place, nice one :thumb


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Nice sunny Sheffield day for it :)

The selective DOF adds to the dump

Last time i was there a lad broke his leg within 10 minutes trying to ride a piece of wood down the slope lol

According to Look North the other week it"s a toss up between the developers building houses on the land WTF??? or as Sheffield Council still own the land (they said ?) building a new Ski Centre. Probably spurred on since the Winter Olympics success we had.

The lass from Sheff" was interviewed by some bloke saying obviously her results were due too having use of a dry Ski slope in Sheffield..............."No it was burnt down 2 years ago"! was the reply :D

Maybe they won"t build out of Wood next time ? even the 3 little Pigs worked that one out.........eventually :)

super nerris

On A Mission....
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Thanks Styru,

Yes your right wasn't as much there as I would of hoping for.

Was a bit of a busy day started with two of my favourite places, Hallam towers and George Barnsley & Son but did not have much luck.

Can't wait to get out and see more places now, I see Sheffield has many hidden treasures to offer!

Thanks again for your feedback.

super nerris

On A Mission....
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Yes it was a lovely day!!

That does not surprise me, there were a couple their when we arrived rolling old tires from the top of the hill, luckily was not hit by any, haha.

I remember the place from my childhood, had some great times up there, it's kind of sad to see the place in it's current state, would love to see this place rebuilt!!


Love it!
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Some good photos considering what's left!

They have one of these in llandudno complete with toboggan run!


He Never Even Got There
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i suppose this is one of them places people get piste off with seeing lol

joking aside well done on getting out some nice shots too!


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28DL Full Member
Nice shots pal. Deffinately worth a go for your first report. It's changed a lot since my last visit last year.

I heard that it's the owner of the land that wants to build houses as he will make more money it but the council want to rebuild the village. See link Residents back Sheffield ski slope hope for ?wasteland? site - The Star

Let me know if your keen for a snoop anywhere Super Nerris, had hallam towers on my list for a while!

Will Knot

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Regular User
A real shit hole and not worth the effort :rolleyes:.....until I saw your pics and you have done a great job of a sunny stroll over the hill :) Nice pics there and thanks for sharin' :thumb


off the wall
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best thing about that place was playing on the rope slide... albeit getting pelted with snowballs mid-flight... :D

Nice pictures there.... not an awful lot to take a photo of, but youve done well there :thumb


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28DL Full Member
I used to go here as a kid every Saturday with the Sharks Ski Club, so I also hate seeing this place in such a state! Gonna check this place out when i'm next in Sheff, plan on doing the courts some time soon.


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28DL Member
I worked there for 2 years, right up until it burnt down, I was living at the bottom of the hill at the time and woke up at 5am to see it burning down, I haven't been up since the week after it's been burnt. Nice pics.

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